We ask children to dream

Social responsibility: “Le stelle di Lorenzo”, the wonderful cause we supported in 2023.


In Raccortubi, when it comes to homage both our internal and external stakeholders, we are committed to choosing a gift that has symbolic as well as material value.

In 2023 we chose ecological wrapping with a reusable jute bag and donated part of the shopping for Christmas gifts to “Le Stelle di Lorenzo” association.

The non-profit organization has the mission of fulfilling the wishes of children undergoing prolonged medical treatment, enriching the human experience with hope, passion and fun.

For a child to see that her wish comes true means forgetting for a moment that he is sick and smiling again.

Our mission is beautiful… we ask children to “dream“.”

Little Lorenzo’s experience inspired the foundation of the association, which was founded in 2004 in Magenta and operates at a national level.

In 2000, at 5 years of age, Lorenzo, son of a historic partner of us for the creation of food and wine packages, realized his desire to visit Disneyland in Los Angeles in the United States , thanks to “Make a Wish” (www.wish.org).

Following in the footsteps of the American association, Lorenzo’s family imported the format and have now collected a long series of fulfilled wishes.

The method even has scientific value.

Seriously ill children effectively lose their right to live their childhood and very often fall into a deep depression which slowly makes them lose their strength and courage.

A wish fulfilled does not only bring a moment of joy and carefreeness to the seriously ill child, it means perceiving that nothing is impossible.

It makes you forget for a moment that you are sick and often, thanks to the push of desire, children find the strength to fight against their illness and return to simply being children.

This is how positive energy is magically developed to combat the disease, try to heal and rediscover the joy of life, a fundamental condition for dealing with medical therapies in the best possible way.

On the website www.lestelledilorenzo.com it is possible to make donations to support the wishes of the children cared for by the association. For example, Emanuele, 11 years old, who would like to visit New York with his family; or Lara and Gaia, also 11 years old, who would like to visit Sicily, to learn about the places where their grandparents were born and raised.

Many dream of travelling, of going to Euro Disney, or of meeting their idols, from singers to footballers to Formula 1 drivers.

Many, then, were the testimonials of this great initiative and the VIPs who offered themselves to make the wishes of their little fans come true: from Serena Autieri, to Fedez, to Nino Frassica, to Fabio Capello etc.

We are proud to have contributed, in our small way, to this wonderful mission!

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