Manufacturing cold-formed butt weld
fittings from ½’’ to 16’’.

tecninox srl

The adaptive planning at Tecninox allows integrating production to back all the Group’s stocks.

Since 1988, Tecninox have been producing cold-formed butt weld fittings from ½” to 16” to guarantee an internal, flexible and reliable production aimed at the constant replenishment of the Groups’ stocks. It also permits including special orders according to specific customers’ needs, by drawing raw material from Raccortubi stock according to the scheduled deliveries or any order for special requests.

tecninox srl

Using the cold-forming method, Tecninox manufactures butt weld fittings from 1/2” to 16” in austenitic stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, 6Mo, nickel alloys, and titanium.

Manufacturing Range


long and short radius elbows / tees / reducers / caps:

⋅1/2” (21.3 mm) > 16” (406.4 mm)

⋅sch. 10S > sch. XXS


Any client’s request, from a single item to a complete project, is supplied thanks to a planning system that can be adjusted to any last-minute urgency.

By using as raw material tubes having the same diameter and thickness than the fitting to produce, Tecninox can draw from Raccortubi stock according to each specific order destined for production.

In addition, the system can precisely anticipate the quantity of material needed to replenish Raccortubi stocks, for both client orders and last-minute urgencies, relying on sophisticated Finite Capacity Scheduling.

A constant production flow derives from such a planning, in order to maximizing the use of materials and the control over each manufacturing phase, while benefitting from the advantage of inserting new orders without affecting the already scheduled delivery deadlines.

Quality checks are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process at Tecninox.

A thorough selection of raw materials as well as the relevant investments in technology that led to the realizationof an automated area for dimensional tests, PMI, marking and packing operations, allow Raccortubi to supply high-quality finished products.


PMI, Hardness and Liquid Penetrant Testing, feritscope are carried out in-house, while other destructive or not destructive tests are performed by external laboratories, conveniently certified by international bodies and liaising with Raccortubi Group for a long time.

Chemical compositions, mechanical values and additional tests of duplex, super duplex and 6Mo are carefully controlled to maintain the highest standards.

This means that Raccortubi Group customers can benefit from an off-the-shelf availability of fully tested and certified products without the constraint of additional time and costs for laboratory testing, already included as standard.


Tecninox was the first seamless fitting manufacturer to be qualified NORSOK M-650 Ed. 4.
In addition to PED and ISO 9001:2015, showing the great commitment to occupational health & safety, plus the safeguard of the environment, Tecninox is also ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified. The company also holds various end user approvals and specific certifications for marine application.

Tecninox S.r.l. – Via Don Spagnoli 7, 29010 Sarmato – Piacenza Italia – P.IVA IT08398100159 – Cap. Soc. € 1.500.000

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