We supply complete project packages for all critical applications.

This is possible thanks to the special Group organizational setup, consisting of both manufacturing units and stocks strategically located all over the world.

Our long-standing experience as a supplier of complete project packages for EPCs derives from our business model that integrates manufacturing and stockholding units for ex-stock material supply.

Our well-established relationships with selected suppliers enable us to provide a wide range of materials, both strategic and complimentary.

Raccortubi Group features a highly flexible, integrated manufacturing system together with global stocks constantly replenished – in Italy as well as in Brasil, Dubai, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Our unique business model make us a privileged partner for any project need. We can supply ex-stock material to very short timescales, whilst unusual orders can be inserted directly into adaptive production planning.


Therefore, Raccortubi is a single point of contact for all piping requirements, guaranteeing fully tested and certified products as well as excellent delivery performance.