Leading manufacturer of butt weld fittings, Petrol Raccord perfectly integrates Raccortubi Group production facilities.

Founded in 1969, Petrol Raccord favours the hot-forming production method, according to which raw material must reach a specific temperature to enable forming operations. The consistent investment carried out recently have made manufacturing much more efficient, especially in terms of raw material availability and welding machineries.

Petrol Raccord holds a wide range of raw material such as seamless and welded tubes and pipes, sheets and plates, forged pieces, full rods or bars among which to choose according to the number of pieces to produce, to delivery deadlines and to the final price to offer.

The extensive availability of raw material in sheets and plates in duplex, super duplex and 6mo up to 50mm, and in titanium up to 15mm, allows Petrol Raccord to fulfil deliveries in 4-6 weeks thanks to a dedicated production line called Fast Track.

Petrol Raccord holds a huge stock of duplex, super duplex, 6mo, and titanium sheets up to 50-mm thick, being used to produce seamless and welded fittings up to 56’’ with no thickness limitations.

Using primarily the hot-forming method, it manufactures welded elbows in two halves, tees, reducers and caps to handle all urgent requests, from single-item delivery to complete project supply, while guaranteeing the best performance.


Along with this, as a result of its long-standing experience in the industry, Petrol Raccord also supplies carbon and alloy steel butt weld fittings for power plants (P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 and P92).

It can count on the off-the-shelf availability of alloy-steel tubes and pipes destined for power plants to meet advanced deliveries or to supply small lots completing complex projects.


The expertise and technical knowledge of people at Petrol Raccord allowed developing a highly specialized production of special fittings according to customer drawing such as flow and barred tees, Y pieces, lateral tees, manifolds and headers.

Standard manufacturing range

Stainless steel & special alloys

Long/short radius elbows:

• seamless 1” (33.4 mm) > 42” (1066.8 mm)

• welded 4” (114.3 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm)


Tees / reducers / caps:

• seamless 1” (33.4 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm)

• welded 4” (114.3 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm)


NOTES: fittings can be produced in any wall thickness. Welded items can be manufactured with one or two longitudinal welds that are located on the opposite side of the branch for tees and on the neutral axis for elbows. For elbows, the two longitudinal welds are located on the inner and outer radius (intrados and extrados).

Special items

• According to customer drawings
• elbows (bends) – radius 2.5D / 3D / 4D / 5D / 10D other special radius & long tangent elbows
• equal & reducing crosses
• equal & reducing laterals
• flow tees & barred tees
• nuclear class 1 items
• reducing elbows
• reinforcement saddles
• seamless & fabricated pieces for furnaces, ⋅manifolds & headers
• Y” pieces


NOTES: for all kinds of unusual dimensions, calculation requirements and special materials, petrol Raccord can offer full commercial, technical and manufacturing support

Quality is one of Petrol Raccord strengths.


Counting on its in-house laboratory, on selected raw materials and rigorous production processes, Petrol Raccord can offer high quality finished products.


All orders are reviewed by Engineering and QA Departments, and all specific customer requirements are incorporated into the quality control instructions issued for each individual order.


The QC Department is responsible for all aspects of quality, from material reception to machining process control, welding, testing, cleaning, painting and packaging.


Typical NDTs and DTs include:
⋅dimensional control
⋅dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic tests & radiographic examination
⋅hardness, PMI, ferrite testing
⋅tensile & impact
⋅hot tensile
⋅simulated PWHT
⋅micro examination
⋅check analysis
⋅carbon content


In addition to ISO 9001:2015PEDOHSAS 18001:2007AD 2000, Din En ISO 3834-2, and NORSOK M-650 Ed. 4 certificates, Petrol Raccord also obtained the ASME Quality System Certificate (QSC-607) for nuclear applications, allowing for the manufacturing and supply of material for Class 1 nuclear piping systems according to NCA 3800.


It produces fittings for Oil & Gas applications, as well as for power and nuclear plants complying with other international standards and on client specifications.

Petrol Raccord S.p.A. – Zona Ind.le Ponte Trebbia, Via Trebbia 29, 29010 Calendasco – Piacenza Italia – P.IVA IT00256800335 – Cap. Soc. € 500.000

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