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Raccortubi Norsk turns into Raccortubi Uk


Starting from March 1st, “Raccortubi Norsk” changes its name to “Raccortubi UK”


Raccortubi Group announces the change of name of its UK branch, from Raccortubi Norsk to Raccortubi UK, which will formally take place starting from March 1st.

We strongly wanted this change, as it better embodies who we are”, says Mr Andy Troup, Managing Director of Raccortubi UK.

The change goes along with the names of all the other international branches of the Group, Raccortubi do Brasil, Raccortubi Middle East and Raccortubi Singapore.

Our regional offices and warehouses all have a name composed by “Raccortubi” followed by the geographical area of origin. Norsk, was the only one differing, winking at the target market (Norway), which was – by the way – misleading. Actually, Raccortubi UK has a much bigger destination market” explains Mr Marco Pollastrini, President of Raccortubi Group.

The reference to Norway goes back to “Norsk Alloys”, the former name of the Company, before the acquisition by Raccortubi in 2015.

We are certainly not forgetting our history, which will remain inscribed in our genes; but this change was due to make our identity clearer to the audience”, adds Mr Troup.

The Company will maintain the same address and no other details are changing, except the name and the contact email, which now will be uk@raccortubi.com.

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