Our commitments

Raccortubi Group presents new thematic logos.


With the latest major website update, we have given substance to all the issues transversal to the business, on which we are constantly evaluated by our customers, that did not yet find proper space in the previous version of the site.

Thus the “our commitments” category was born, with specific pages dedicated to people, health and safety, the environment and sustainability, quality and social responsibility. An important showcase to tell the customer who we are, as well as what we do.

So, together with our graphic designers, we decided to dedicate a unique image to our commitment to these crucial themes.


Quality already found its space in the previous version of the website and it’s always been a priority to us, as we seek to offer the best material and the best service on the market.


Health & Safety

Safety, as a matter of fact, is also the subject of a big communication campaign throughout our Company. We state it is not just a priority, but it’s an essential, inescapable value that lies in everything we do.

Health, as well, was not being told effectively to our audience: not many knew that we support internal initiatives for various health issues prevention, organizing specific health campaigns throughout the year (such as cardio, prostate, breast, skin cancer etc.).


Environment & Sustainability

Although and exactly because we are part of an energy consuming industry, we need to double our efforts to balance our impact on the environment we live in.

With this logo, we felt our commitment to sustainability could find its voice too.


We also felt the need to gather all the initiative we promote for our people under a single icon, that could convey our philosophy in relating to people in the company and promoting an ethic, inclusive, happy work place.

Social Responsibility

Last but not least, we believe that being an enterprise brings a lot of responsibilities along.

One of the highest is to share our success and redistribute our resources to the communities we support, guided by the desire of giving our contribution to the just cause and make the world a better place for everyone. That’s how the “social responsibility” logo was born.

Here’s a brief abstract of the dialogue we had with our historic graphic designer, Samantha Mariuzzi, who curated the Company image for more than 15 years.

What’s behind the creation of a logo?

“Creating a logo means being able to represent a company, a product, a sector, a theme, a philosophy… through a concise symbol.

The designer’s task is precisely this, to draw a graphic sign, which by subtraction, is able to enclose within it the required world of reference.”


How much colors are relevant for a logo?

“Colors can be very important. Colors tell meanings through an implicit way, they work through archetypes. For those who have studied the psychology of color, as I have, they are a very important, and if desired, powerful medium to be used to unconsciously lead the user towards a feeling, a memory, a dimension…”


Why red and blue?

“Red and blue are colors inherited from the previous logo. They have been kept even after the restyling of the logo because they correctly represent the corporate identity and philosophy.

Red is the color of blood, hence of the family, the tribe, in our case the group.

Blue is the color of the sky, of introspection, in general of trust, reliability…

I think I don’t need to explain any further, it seems clear to me why they are perfect ;)”

For Raccortubi, it has also become a matter of distinguishing and immediately identifying the double soul of stockist and manufacturer: the red color identifies stock units, the blue one is for production.


How you know the logo is right?

“Designing logos is one of the most beautiful and important jobs for a graphic designer. It is a responsibility. It is giving life to something new that has to be able to represent someone else’s projection, not your own. And when a logo is right, you feel it, it resonates within you. It is pure satisfaction!”

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