Raccortubi piping material is ideal for all the most demanding market needs.

Starting in 1949 as a supplier of piping material for the Oil & Gas industry, now Raccortubi Group provides pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges also destined for power plants, nuclear applications, and urea and fertiliser plants.

We stock and supply piping material for midstream and downstream Oil & Gas plants, such as oil and derivative production and refining, as well as natural gas production and distribution.

Among our long-standing customers, there are some of the main chemical tanker and passenger ship builders.
In fact, all our products can be supplied from scratch on specific requests as well as from stock to meet any shipyard necessity – from shipbuilding, repair and retrofitting of cruise ships, gas carriers, and chemical tankers, up to specific applications of the Oil & Gas industries such as FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit).

Raccortubi stocks and supplies piping material (pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges and special pieces on customer drawing) in 316L UG (UNS31603) and 310 MoLN (UNS31050) specifically destined for urea applications and fertilizer plants. We can manage single item necessities as well as complete projects, in accordance with Urea Casale, Saipem (Snamprogetti) and Stamicarbon technical specifications.

Benefitting from the exclusive partnership with Mannesmann Stainless Tubes, Raccortubi supplies ex-stocks tubes, which are also used as raw material for butt weld fitting internal manufacturing.

Such a synergy between manufacturing and distribution is relevant for Urea material, being it not easy to source. A wide range of piping items is readily available, with production mills being able to manufacture special products on customer drawing with tight delivery times.

In desalination plants, 30% of materials is in stainless steels, since substantial chloride concentration and high operational temperatures are involved, with Duplex and Super Duplex being used more and more, thanks to their high resistance to corrosion and great mechanical strength.

Since we are able to offer pipes, fittings and flanges both from stock and on customer request, our Group can thus perfectly meet any desalination need, in both offering the most appropriate steel grade and manufacturing complementary products to provide complete packages in due time.

Petrol Raccord traditionally manufactures butt weld fittings in carbon and alloy steel (P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 e P92) destined for power plants.

The large stock of alloy steel tubes at Petrol Raccord creates added value for customers, allowing for precise deliveries to short timescales.

Petrol Raccord manufacturing is also destined for Class 1 nuclear applications in accordance with NCA 3800 standards, having obtained ASME-III (QSC-607) certificate.